Mugla White Marble

Mugla White Marble, Blanco Ibiza

Mugla White Marble

Mugla white marble, also known as Mugla Beyaz or Blanco Ibiza, is a natural stone characterized by its fine grain and predominantly white color. Here are some details:

  1. Origin: Quarried in the Mugla region of Turkey, known for producing high-quality marble
  2. Color and Texture:** It features a pure white background with occasional light grey or beige veins, creating an elegant and timeless look. The texture is generally smooth and consistent. 
  3. Applications:** Widely used in interior and exterior applications, including flooring, wall cladding, countertops, and various decorative elements. Its aesthetic appeal makes it a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects.
  4. Durability:** Marble is a durable material, but being a softer stone compared to granite, it may require proper sealing to prevent staining. Regular maintenance is recommended to preserve its beauty.
  5. Usage Tips:** Avoid acidic substances and harsh chemicals on the surface to maintain its pristine appearance. Clean with a mild, pH-neutral cleanser and a soft cloth. Always consult with professionals when considering marble for specific applications to ensure proper installation and maintenance.

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